Shoot Film!

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I shoot Film

Yes I do! I still shoot film! I shoot on nearly every brand of film that I can find from the old standby like Kodak Tri-X and TMAX to Astrum film from the Ukraine. I tend to enjoy the feel of B&W more than color, but I'll still go through a roll of Portra or Kodak Vision 3 motion picture film. 

My film cameras vary as much as my choice of film. I mainly shoot a Canon EOS3, but I also have a penchant for great tanks from Mother Russia such as the Zenit and Kiev. I started out in 1978 with a Yashica FX-D which is on my shelf today. It sits next to my Canon A1 which still gets some love. 

I develop my own film in house and scan it using my DSLR. I am hoping to get back to making full prints one day. If you are interested in learning how to shoot and develop film, please email me or find me on Facebook! I love helping others find the joy that I find in film photography.