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Dramatic Portrait Workshop

This page is informational for the Camera Meetup group to assist in a Dramatic Portrait workshop. There will  be a Look Book of images as well as various links to additional sites and tutorials. 

I have drawn inspiration from various artists such as Joel Grimes, Dmitry Baev, and Chris Knight. This is to illustrate the varied techniques and sets. 

Lighting can be as complex as five different strobes or as simple as one single LED with a softbox. I suggest reviewing as many tutorials and illustrations as you can before the workshop to start getting an idea for your lighting style. I personally do not use a light meter for these shoots. (I still do for film) In my opinion, these shoots are more about taste and style than they are lighting ratios. 

Keep in mind that "Dramatic Portraiture" is mostly about the lighting. It can encompass many looks and costumes such as Victorian, Steampunk and Nordic. I have included as many of these as I can into the look book. 

Backdrops, props, and costume are all the icing on the cake for these types of portraits so it takes time to assemble. Make notes, build idea and looks way ahead of time. Understand that these shoots can take hours. 

Once the shoot is done, the rest of the magic takes place in editing. Again, for us photographers, we need to review various styles. I will be adding links to some videos for editing as well. 

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My main source of backdrops is Kate Backdrops. I use the ever famous "blue wall" and own it in black. I also use their "old master" drops as well. 

This is the famous "blue wall" that is very popular, but please check them out. There are others like Gravity Backdrops, but Kate has the best budget Vs quality ratio that I have found. 

Below I will post links to various YouTube tutorials. 

Chris Knight class on Dramatic Portraiture.

Joel Grimes One Light Dramatic Portrait

Retouch a Dramatic Portrait

Lindsay Adler Victorian Portrait

Hopefully this will get you inspired! I'll continue to add more information over the next few months. Get out and research and get that creative mind in gear!