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So here's the story. I got my first camera in 1978 at the ripe age of 10. It was a Yashica FX-D and I was in love with it. I have been hooked since then. I don't have a Hollywood or New York lineage, but found most of my creative energy came when living in Las Vegas. Now, living in Florida, I have a rather sizeable home studio, but also love to work in the beautiful outdoors. 

You'll find my work varies from portraits to street photography, but my true love is working with alternative models. I am more at home working with and photographing the stiletto heeled, leather clad, tattooed dominatrix than I am anyone else. I find inspiration in the greats like Helmut Newton, George Hurrell, Eric Kroll, Irving Klaw, and Ken Marcus.

I shoot what makes me happy and gladly work on commission. I don't go out seeking work, and I generally like to be sold on a concept. 

If you are looking to create something totally unique, please email me at:

Let's make some beautiful art together!